Don't go back to the drawing board.

We combine algorithmic power + human expertise to get you to the best design faster.


Explore 1000's of potential configurations.


Get instant technical feedback to drive design with hard data.


Refine and optimise the design to the criteria that matter to you.


SiteSolve is a generative design platform to help Architects...

  • Fully explore all of the design possibilities on a development site.
  • Get instant specialist feedback on a host of technical and commercial criteria.
  • Compare options and filter down to those solutions that best suit the project requirements.
  • Interactively refine and optimise the final design.

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Make optioneering quick, easy and comprehensive

Define site location, constraints and target areas.


Generate and shortlist 1,000's of automated designs, built to your requirements.


Use built-in sketching and editing tools to create, modify and optimise your design.


Share your solution with the rest of the design team and export to CAD and BIM tools to continue development.


Be the first to experience the future of design.

SiteSolve will be launching very soon.

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SiteSolve has been developed by Ramboll Computational Design.  Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945.  The Computational Design team brings together algorithmic and engineering skills to pioneer new ways of designing the built environment.  We are not just software developers, we are experienced building design professionals.  By drawing on the skills, experience and values of 14,000 Ramboll experts we are able to imbue SiteSolve with the judgement needed to address real-world design problems.  Our intelligence is not just artificial.

Who We Are